4000 Unique
Cat Daddy NFT's

In this club, you are granted 4000 unique hand drawn NFTs. Ready to take on the Metaverse in a flash, be prepared to witness a great journey as these Cheetahs enter the blockchain as the Cat Daddy's of the digital space.

Our Wildmap



In regards to our Launch, there will be a presale, and shortly after, a public sale. We are planning a moon mission for mid August.



Owning a Cat Daddy will give you access to the future of the Metaverse. There will be purchased land in Decentraland to host our cheetah clubs and parties, and are working on a few special guests to host.


Community Giveaway

No project will be successful without a community. To honor the community we will be giving back to our Cat Daddy owners to give our appreciation.


Merchandise Drop

We have been working behind the scenes to create unique designs to place in the hands of our Cat Daddy owners. You will gain exclusive access to these items. Limited editions are only for Cat Daddy holders.



It should be one of our goals in the world to save every wildlife in the wild, as the wildlife population is decreasing. With that being said, we have plans to donate to support research and conservation efforts of cheetahs. A percentage of proceeds will go to these organizations to help from cheetahs becoming extinct.


Future Drops

Future drops include, Angry Cat Daddy Club (ACDC), Cougar Mama Club, Cat Daddy Sports, and even developing our own crypto token.

Creative Team

Chris G


Jazmyne S


Brian G


Fresh S


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cat Daddy Club?

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